So, you found the perfect size motorhome for you and your travel mates, it even has low mileage and the price couldn’t be better. The only problem is, it doesn’t have all the amenities you were hoping for and the interior design reeks of decades gone and you know it cannot accommodate your loved one’s wheelchair. Not to worry, that is why Mericle RV offers custom RV fabrication. Whatever modifications, changes, or upgrades you want to make, we can complete for you. Whether you purchase your motorhome from us or you are just driving through the North Denver/Fort Lupton area, we would be happy to complete your custom project for you!

Remodel Your Rig
Custom Fabrication
Home on Wheels
Cold Weather RV

Remodel or Customize Your RV

When it comes to your RV or motorhome, it is your home on the wheels and should be a reflection of you, just as a house would be. As it pertains to the luxuries of RV living, if you can dream it, we can do it! Whether you want to add an outdoor entertainment center, would like custom wood kitchen cabinets, or solar panels on your roof, the RV service experts at Mericle RV have you covered! Even if you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for, but want to add a personal touch of home to your motorhome, our service department can help you realize your dreams and then fabricate them! Some of our custom fabrication services include:

  • Custom RV Special Needs Modifications
  • RV Remodels
  • Interior and Exterior Repair and Custom Build
  • Electronic Entertainment Installation
  • Outdoor Additions
  • RV Flooring Installation, Repair, and Replacement
  • RV Roofing Installation, Repair, Replacement, or Modification
  • RV Kitchen Repair or Remodel
  • Custom RV Metal Work
  • RV Pop-Out Room Build and Installation
  • RV Furniture Repair and Replacement

Whether you are looking to remodel an outdated motorhome, or upgrade your current RV, there is no project too big or too small for the RV experts at Mericle RV!

Custom RV Fabrication in North Denver/Fort Lupton

There are a variety of reasons that you may want to have some custom fabrication work done on your van, camper, motorhome, or RV. At Mericle RV, there is no job too big or too small for our RV fabrication specialists! Here are just a few reasons that you may want to or need to use our fabrication services to upgrade or modify your rig.

Upgrade the Luxuries on Your RV

Whether you are the star of the show or just want to ride in style, custom RV fabrication offers you the ability to travel in style and luxury. We can upgrade nearly every detail of your camper or RV to make it more comfortable and personal to you. Traditional upgrades include floor and ceiling modifications — from wood to ceramic tile or plush shag carpet — if you can dream it, we can do it! Replace and upgrade your kitchen cabinets, countertop, and appliances to make your RV as glamorous as your home. We can even install custom pieces such as a functional bar or coffee station. Upgrade to a luxury shower and vanity that breaks out of the standard travel bathroom mold. Upgrades to the living room can include built-in televisions, track lighting, built-in surround sound, and custom furniture options. For glamping or your band’s cross-country tour, when it comes to modifying your RV, the sky’s the limit!

Transform Your Rig For Business Purposes

Are you using your van or RV for business rather than pleasure? Let us transform your rig from a functional living space into the operation station you need. Whether you need a mobile command center, a medical or dental office on wheels, or you plan to operate your dog grooming, delivery, or catering business out of your recreational vehicle, we can build out the interior of your vehicle to meet whatever business needs you have.

Whatever dreams or visions you have for your van, camper, motorhome, or RV, at Mericle RV’s custom fabrication center, we can make them come true! Contact us today to get your project started.

RV Remodel – Create Your Home on Wheels

Your RV is a tiny home which is your house on wheels! When you create a perfectly comfortable RV, you can either travel in style or you can live in it full time. Many people simply remodel or renovate the interior of their RV for functional needs — accommodate handicaps, create space for additional family members, or upgrade outdated amenities — but, your motorhome should be comfortable, cozy, and exactly what you want, just the way your home is. Let’s discuss some of the RV remodels that we can complete for you.

RV Flooring

Your RV is an extension of your home, and we can install any flooring option in your RV that you can have in your home. This includes:
Laminate or vinyl flooring
Combination flooring

Motorhome Kitchen

Who says that you have to have a mini fridge with a single stove burner and a travel-size sink? In your RV, our custom fabrication team can install custom-made upper and lower cabinets, a stove and kitchen sink. Aesthetics are in the details, other design options we can do include:
Partial island
Hideaway counter
Custom appliance/dish storage
Hanging pot or mug hooks

RV Bathrooms

The bathrooms of motorhomes tend to be tiny, cramped places where business is done and there isn’t much breathing room. If you want a little more comfort or room to move, consider some of these bathroom remodels:
Move shower head
Replace vinyl wall with more comfortable materials
Install mirrors to improve lighting and make the space appear bigger
Smaller sink to increase counter space
Improve lighting
Accordion or sliding door
Optimize wall and under sink storage
Install (frosted) window


RV storage is a little different than normal home options. In such a small space, storage must be a little more functional and custom to reduce space waste and items falling during travel. Some things that can help optimize space while allowing you and your co-passengers to be more comfortable include:
Overhead cabinets or shelves
Hideaway or multi-level beds
Under furniture drawers, cabinets, or trunk
Pop-out room or side pull-out

Interior Appeal

As with any space, some of the simple things make the biggest differences. By making changes to the color and decor of your RV, you can make it more comfortable, homey, and reminiscent of your family. Some of the changes we can make for you include:
Curtains or blinds
Lighting options
Mounted TV
Room dividers
Ceiling paint
Add moonroof

At Mericle RV, our custom fabrication team is chock full of experts who know how to make the most of tiny spaces and are familiar with turning an RV into your home on wheels. Whether you want to remodel or upgrade your current RV or you are buying a motorhome off of our lot and you want to make it custom for you and your travel companions, at Mericle RV, there is no project too big or too small. Contact our custom fabrication team to discuss your ideas and schedule the execution of your project.

Contact us to schedule your service today!

Making a Cold-Weather Recreational Vehicle

If you are like most explorers, the thought of changing seasons thwarting your adventures is too much to bear. Here in Colorado, we are lucky to experience all four seasons and have enough variation in geography that we can avoid the extremes pretty well. Here on the Front Range, we can escape to Steamboat Springs to cool down in the summer and then head down to Boulder to warm up in the winter. Just because the fall equinox comes doesn’t mean we have to pack away our motorhomes and leave them abandoned for the winter. When winter comes, RV explorers have two options: winterize and park their rigs or head south for their adventures. Mericle RV, our custom fabrication department wants to offer you a third option – modifying your RV for winter-friendly exploration. Just a few ways we can help make your RV, motorhome, or camper cold-weather ready include:

Install and upgrade insulation.

If your RV is not yet insulated, now is a great time to get it done regardless of winter travel. Most RVs don’t come insulated, or if they are, the insulation is minimal. Traditionally, RVing has been a summer activity and insulation isn’t a major concern. However, just like your home, the better insulated it is, the better the temperature control you’ll experience. Motorhome insulation and insulation upgrades are practical for both cold and hot weather environments and will require a lot less reliance on your air conditioner or furnace, saving you fuel and energy.

Install a fireplace.

For safety’s sake, we do recommend that any fireplace installed in your RV be electric as opposed to gas or wood-burning, but even an electric fireplace offers a cozy aesthetic that can help you feel warmer from the inside out.

Upgrade windows and shades.

Just like your home, RV windows can be a big source of drafts from the outside air. Upgrading windows and sunshades can help you keep warm inside in the winter and heat out in the summer. If your motorhome windows aren’t doing their job, consider upgrading.

Optimize flooring.

The floors in both your home and your motorhome can have a big impact on temperature regulation and comfort. While your RV likely doesn’t have concrete flooring (or at least, we certainly hope not), if it has hardwood or tile flooring, these options are great at keeping things cool. Carpet is a great option for warming things up. At Mericle RV, we can install any type of flooring you’d like in your RV, including warmer carpet or laminate options. Or, you could go with tile or hardwood with a nice rug on top in the winter.

Enclose the bed area.

If your RV doesn’t already have a bedroom or pseudo bedroom, we can make you one! Whether that entails installing a fold-out wall, a pull-down shade, or some other custom modification, we can create a cozier sleeping space that will help keep you warmer and provide some privacy.

Some other do-it-yourself tips to winter RV travel and keeping warm include:

Wear warm clothes
Use an electric blanket
Winterize engine
Space heater

If you have been inspired to upgrade your motorhome for winter travel or have other ideas for custom RV fabrication, contact the experienced RV service team at Mericle RV for your custom quote.