If your RV is equipped with a slide-out room, it is an infuriating inconvenience when it fails to work. There are several types of RV slide-out systems including hand crank, cable systems, hydraulic systems, and electric motor operated systems. While the automatic systems are much more convenient, all RV manufacturers are required to provide a means to retract the slide-out room by hand in the event of power or battery failure.

At a minimum, we recommend an annual inspection to maintain hassle-free operation and prolong the life of your slide-out. Routine inspections should be done to make sure that everything is functioning properly and all the pieces are in good condition. Routine lubrication of the seals and slide mechanism will keep things moving smoothly for years without rust or corrosion. The slide-out inspection should include the seals that keep weather and pests out and the warm or cool air in. Slide-out seal treatment protects seals from wear and damage from sun, road splatter, and other pollutants.


RV Slide-Out Service

A gear-driven RV slide-out requires more periodic maintenance than other types of slide-outs because although they are less expensive and complicated than other types, they have more moving parts. An electric slide-out motor uses a series of pumps, hydraulic hoses, control valves, and rams and cylinders. These systems are under high pressure and should, therefore, only be repaired by professional RV service shops.

RV Service in North Denver/Fort Lupton

For any RV slide-out maintenance or repair, you need an RV mechanic who has experience working with slide-outs such as yours. If you are looking for an RV repair shop in Fort Lupton, Mericle RV is your go-to for all things RV. We provide slide-out preventative maintenance and repair, in addition to a wide range of repair services including routine maintenance and custom fabrication. Contact us to schedule your service today!

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