Fifth-Wheel Travel Trailer For The Ultimate Adventure

The fifth-wheel travel trailer is a mobile home constructed with a raised forward section that is designed to be attached to and towed by a pickup truck. This offers the flexibility of taking your family vehicle with you on vacation without having to tow it behind a traditional RV. the raised forward space offers a bi-level living area which helps to separate the bedroom from the main family living space.

For The Get-Up-And-Go Family Adventure

Fifth-wheel travel trailers are the perfect for solutions for families to climb aboard and hit the road. With a variety of options ranging from compact to full profile, your family can travel in comfort and camp with ease nearly anywhere. At Mericle RV, we’ve got the ideal fifth-wheel for you and your family!

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What Mericle RV Can Offer When You Purchase Your Fifth-Wheel

When you come to Mericle RV to find your new fifth-wheel, you are provided with much more than a recreational vehicle sales lot. Our no-pressure sales staff takes the time to understand exactly what you are looking for, even if you are not sure! We have a full inventory of new, used, and consignment vehicles that range from small campers to double-wide motorhomes. If we don’t have what you want, but you know what you want, we can find it for you!

Financing Available

If you, like most people, don’t have the cash on hand to outright purchase your recreational vehicle, our financing department can help you! We can negotiate the best deal for you based on what you are trading in, downpayment, credit, and other financial factors. Visit our finance department online for more information.

Full-Service Fifth-Wheel Maintenance

At Mericle RV, we don’t just sell motorhomes and fifth-wheel travel trailers, we perform all the services it could ever require! We offer:

If there is anything we can do to make your fifth-wheel more comfortable or functional, let us know!

If you are in the Denver or Fort Lupton, stop by our lot to check out our full inventory. For our traveling or non-local explorers, visit us online or contact us to let us find what you need.

Things to Consider When Buying Your New Fifth-Wheel

You and your family have decided to pack up and hit the road in search of adventure. The recreational vehicle that you choose can have a big impact on your comfort and where you can travel to. Fifth-wheel campers are available in almost as many layouts and feature as many amenities as a standard home. When you are considering purchasing a new or used fifth-wheel travel trailer in Denver or Fort Lupton, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

What kind of traveling you’ll be doing.

If you and your spouse have retired and you’ll spend a good portion of the year traveling to see the sights the great states offer and explore the world with reckless abandon, you’ll want a recreational vehicle that offers all the luxuries and modern conveniences you’ve worked your whole life for and that will afford you the ability to travel in comfort, essentially living in your RV. If, however, you are a budding new family with three small children who casually head to the hills for some camping and hiking on summer holiday weekends, a truck camper or an expandable might be just the ticket. It affords you and your family a comfortable place to sleep, out of the elements, but not much of the luxuries of home. This is an ideal family camping!
Additionally, if you and your family invite the in-laws and hit the road for adventures across the nation every year, something more in the middle, like a fifth-wheel travel trailer, is just right!

What kind of equipment you already have.

Traveling with a recreational vehicle takes a little learning and some patience. The size of any RV, camper, or trailer you choose, will take some time getting used to in terms of haul, speed, and maintenance. When you are considering what kind of travel trailer to purchase, one of the major considerations is what equipment you already have. If you have a small sedan, purchasing a tow trailer is not a feasible option, and you should consider a full-size RV instead. However, if you have a 350/2500 super-duty truck with a trailer hitch, you can haul nearly any kind or truck camper, haul a trailer, or travel trailer.

It is important to note that if you do have a tow-capable truck, that you know what it can support and what the towing capacity is. This will help you determine what kind of trailer you can safely purchase and haul. At Mericle RV, we can help you decide based on your towing capacity and the trailer options available to you.

What amenities you want.

One of the most important factors to consider before even heading to the Mericle RV lot to find your new recreational vehicle is what amenities are important to you and which ones don’t matter so much. There are so many amenities available to you, the options can seem overwhelming when you don’t have at least an idea of what you’d like. You don’t need to have an image in your head of exactly what you want, but if a single-burner camping stove won’t cut it for family-style cooking, we will want to narrow the search to a trailer that has a kitchen area that better suits your needs — and oh, do our kitchens vary! If you are looking for plush, cozy couches for seating options versus functional fold-up benches, having at least an idea will help narrow the searching. But, even if you have no idea what you want or need, the experienced team at Mericle RV can help find the right trailer for you, and we are more than accommodating to those visitors who want to explore all of their options! Come stop by our lot and see what we can do for you. Adventure awaits!

Benefits of Purchasing a Fifth-Wheel

When you visit an RV lot and are searching for the best recreational vehicle to purchase for your family, there are so many options to fit every need. The fifth-wheel travel trailer is a great option for a wide variety of travelers and offers solutions for any travel need. When you choose a fifth-wheel travel trailer for your travel needs, you are sure to enjoy the many benefits.

No need to maintain two engines.

When you haul a fifth-wheel with your existing truck, you don’t acquire a new vehicle to maintain. Of course, there will be maintenance to your new rig, but there is no new engine to worry about. Fewer engines mean that there are less moving parts and less chance of breakdown.

Use your truck and have a home.

With traditional RVs, if the engine needs maintenance, your entire rig is deadlined, displacing you and your family until the maintenance is completed. With a fifth-wheel, you are free to drop your trailer at your destination, unhook your truck, and travel around locally with just your truck. When you are ready to hit the road again, hook your trailer back up and you’re off. It really is that easy.

All the amenities of an RV with the ease of a camper.

There is no limit to the interior and exterior amenities offered by a fifth-wheel travel trailer. Campers, expandables, and extenders are able to offer luxuries that your tent cannot. However, because of the compact space, they are not able to offer the full line of luxury and comfort that full-size RVs can. Fifth-wheel travel trailers are large enough to offer the room and storage that RVs can.

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