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When Travel Lite designed the EVOKE line of RVs, they spared no luxury. Unlike any other recreational vehicle on the market, the EVOKE will have you wishing you loved in your RV fulltime!

Ultimate Road Trip Experience

Because a great deal of time is spent in the driver’s seat, Travel Lite invested in comfortable seating, Lippert Equa-Flex suspension, and premium tires to make getting there as comfortable as being there.

Luxury Living

Some of the features of the EVOKE are so luxurious, they must be experienced to be believed. Travel Lite RV focused on all the details from a smart awning, interior, accent, and exterior LED lighting, and rounded cabinetry with ball-bearing drawer glides.

All of the appliances are high-quality and feature state-of-the-art technology to ensure they continue working without draining the power of your rig.

The interior design is reminiscent of a luxury condo and features granite counter and table tops, oak whitewash wood, infinity woven vinyl flooring, brushed nickel faucets, and a fireplace. Comfortable living and relaxation inspired the interior of the EVOKE.

With room to move and traveling made easy, you are sure to fall in love with the EVOKE. Stop by Mericle RV to test drive yours today!

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Experience the Evoke Difference!

Experience the Evoke Difference!

Evoke by Travel Lite RV offers serial travelers and casual family campers alike, a place to move-in, stretch out, and relax in luxury and comfort. The future of travel trailers is here!

The Evoke series of travel trailers offers travelers luxury options at a compact price. Made with design feedback requests — from actual travelers — the Evoke series features a pleasing blend of comfort and practicality. The U-shaped dining area is a long-awaited solution to the traditional double side or fold-out options of yesteryear. By comfortably expanding the seating area, the entire family can dine together.

One of the biggest benefits of the Evoke travel trailer series is also its lightest. With all of the luxury amenities, it brings a whole new meaning to the term “traveling light.” Most standard trucks can handle the haul, and weighing in at less than 7,000, you’ll have the freedom to explore, unhindered.

Safety Ratings Your Whole Family Can Trust

The Evoke travel trailers are made with safety in mind. Using the latest technology and premium materials, these travel trailers create a fortress on wheels. The Furion appliances cool to room temperature within an hour and the electric fireplace does not produce an open flame. You and your family can rest assured that your home on wheels is as safe as your home on the ground!

If you are ready to experience the Evoke difference, stop by our Fort Lupton RV lot or contact us to find out what we’ve got in stock today.

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