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World's First Fold-Out Cabin

One minute, you are hauling your camper down a narrow trail to your favorite spot. Nine minutes later, you are standing in a 700 cubic feet weekend cabin, wide and tall enough for an NFL offensive lineman and his coach — a sprawling 12' by 8' base, and a soaring 7'6" height.

The cabin is a refuge on the hot summer nights and a warm reprieve on snowy Colorado days, thanks to seven-window cross-ventilation, proprietary R7 insulation, optional electric air conditioner, and optional electric or propane heater, so you and your crew can go anywhere you want, any day of the year.

See the America That Other Americans Miss.

Your Camp365 breezes down roads and snakes down trails as easily as the ATV that is pulling it.

Down the road, its patented optional Expandable Axle creates a six-foot-wide wheelbase. It's so aerodynamic and narrow (just four feet wide) and light (under 1,500 pounds) that you save on gas (and electricity, if you're towing with an electric vehicle) on every trip.

Navigate seamlessly to your favorite spot, collapse the axle in just 90 seconds, and your wheelbase shrinks to just under four feet wide. Now, you can take it to places no other recreational vehicle can go.

Sleeps Six. Amazes Millions.

Is the Camp365 the most ingenious camper in the world? The U.S. Patent Office must think so. They've already granted four patents, with many more innovative ideas pending.

The Camp365 is the recreational vehicle you'd expect from a half-dozen engineer nerds who love the outdoors. The compact prodigy of those who love camping, and their grandparents.

It's "The Cabin That Goes Everywhere," any day of the year.


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  1. Hardwall composite insulation
  2. Proprietary "on demand" dual layer insulation technology for hot and cold weather
  3. Five hard side tinted glass windows and screened windows
  4. Over 700 cubic feet of living & storage space for sleeping up to six
  5. Fold-out stairs
  6. Seven point variable terrain leveling system on dirt, mud, snow, and sand
  7. Patented expandable axle with adjustable wheel base for trail mode 48" or road mode 71.5"
  8. Locking hard wall door, keyed for safety
  9. 11'8" total open width
  10. Max cabin head room at 7'6"
  1. 36 cubic feet of dry floor storage accessible from main cabin and exterior; plenty of room for modular amenity placement
  2. 11.25" ground clearance standard with optional big wheel lift kit for higher clearance
  3. 6'8" total height in trail mode and road mode
  4. 5.6 cubic feet of dry lockable storage
  5. Patented expandable axle with adjustable wheel base for optimal aerodynamic towing efficiency — trail mode 48" or road mode 71.5" — great for storing in your garage

Exterior Features

Uneven Terrain Leveling

Set up on sand, rocks, dirt, or snow!

Add a Room

Expand your space with a sun visor awning, screen porch, Three Season Room, or Four Season Room (pictured)!

Bring your Toys

Mount bikes, kayaks, or paddle boards right on the side

Interior Features

39 Cubic Feet of Floor Storage

Sleep Up to Six

Sink/Stove Combo

Experience the Benefits of the Camp 365 Fold-Out Cabin

There are so many benefits to the Camp 365, and depending on your needs and adventure style, you are sure to find plenty more. We have whittled the list to our personal favorites here.

Ease of towing.

No longer do you have to invite your truck friends or forgo investing in a camper for your adventures. The Camp 365 camper can easily be hauled by a Prius or a 4-wheeler. Although, we wouldn’t recommend exploring the backwoods in your Prius.

Save space.

The compact. The space-saving design of the Camp 365 allows it to soar down the road or trail behind your vehicle, without the accommodations required of bigger recreational vehicles. Additionally, it can be stored in a standard garage along with your ATVs or bikes. However, the compactness of the closed cabin quickly expands for a roomy resting place.

Invite all your friends.

With a finished interior height of 7-foot, 6-inches, you can invite all of your friends to join in your adventures. The Camp 365 fold-out cabin comfortably sleeps six adults — you and your five favorites.

Superior protection.

The raised platform floor and side walls provide protection from wind and rain while the seven windows and electric air conditioner help regulate the temperature. The camper is sealed, keeping bugs and critters away from your food and sleeping area.

Forgo level ground.

Camping on the beach, snowbank, or hillside? Uneven terrain is no problem for the Camp 365 and it’s uneven terrain leveling feature. Literally, the cabin that can go anywhere!

Changing the Way Colorado Camps

Mericle RV is excited to be an authorized dealer of the camper that is revolutionizing the recreational vehicle industry and enhancing the adventures of millions of Americans. Stop by our RV lot in Denver to test out the Camp365 and change the way you explore the great outdoors.
If you are ready to hit the trails and set up camp, stop by Mericle RV to check out our selection of Camp 365 Fold-Out Cabins.


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