Mike Mericle

Our RV Dealership Owner: Motorhome Mike

Prior to starting his own RV dealership, Mike worked his way up from finance manager to general manager at Johnson RV Dealership. During this time, he began buying beat up RVs and restoring them for resale. The challenge of taking something old and making it new and vital again was exhilarating and Mike has never looked back. He has since put his heart and soul into building Auto RV Broker, now called Mericle RV, into a highly successful RV dealership and motorhome service business.

Mike Mericle began his career as an entrepreneur with his first business, a valet parking company, which he started at age 21. He grew it to include 22 locations before completing a successful sale of the business. He then moved on to banking where he would spend spent 14 years gaining experience as a banker, licensed banker, small business specialist and finally commercial banking professional. Mike Mericle graduated from a private Catholic high school.

Family and faith are key cornerstones for Mike Mericle who says he was inspired to create Mericle RV both because he wanted to be his own boss and to help others who are less fortunate. His drive and can-do attitude—even in the face of those who doubt—continue to be a force for positive change whether he’s working to get someone into the perfect RV, breathing new life into a motorhome, or being the best husband he can be.